Statement with Next-Gen LPSU not booting after switching on from the back button

Due to the LPSU architecture of the Statement with Next-Gen LPSU, when the system is first turned on from the switch button on the back and clicked on the front button it may not boot properly meaning the white light stays on. This will only happen after first switching on the Statement NG using the switch on the back.

If you get a white light only and the system is not booting keeping the white light on, do the following procedure:

  1. Keep the front button of the Statement NG pressed until the light goes off
  2. Click the front button. The light will briefly flash on and off.
  3. Click the front button again. The system should now boot normally.

We recommend the switch on the back of the Statement and Statement NG to be kept on all the time with exception if you need to move it or turn it off for a long period. This keeps the capacitors charged as well as both OCXO clocks for USB and Ethernet properly warmed up and stable. The motherboard itself is turned off and is not consuming power this way.

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