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The web service is a “find my server” convenience web service that makes it easy for you to find and connect to your Innuos server(s) innuOS dashboard. It requires however that your server(s) and your network environment and internet access are working correctly and properly connected. Otherwise it may fail to find any server. An example screenshot: No Innuos Servers found

If your server(s) isn’t(aren’t) found you may start by troubleshooting it with the following steps:

  1. Please make sure your Innuos server is powered on, check that mains power cable is connected and the front panel power led is active. If the front panel power led is off then please check the following KB article: Music Server does not start;
  2. Check that the Ethernet network cable is well connected on both ends: the Innuos server backside LAN port and your network gateway/router LAN port. Do you notice any activity led lights blinking on the LAN port? If not then please do try a different Ethernet cable (known to be working) as it may be faulty.
  3. You may also try to connect to a different network port on the router/gateway and restart both the Innuos server and the router/gateway device. Check again for any activity on the led lights on the LAN port;
  4. Make sure you aren’t using any kind of private VPN network connection active as it will render the service unable to find your server on the local network;
  5. With all the above steps verified could you please try to access directly the server’s innuOS dashboard by any of the following alternative methods, from a web browser on any device connected on the same network as your server:

If none of the above worked for you or if you still aren’t able to find your server on then please get in touch with our Support via email to further investigate the issue.

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