Editing Albums

The InnuOS offers you numerous ways to edit your imported music. In this article, we will focus on the ability to change your album covers, the album metadata, and editing the track metadata.

To get to your ALBUMS area in your Innuos Sense APP (or via my.innuos.com in your browser) select Server > Music > Album

my.innuos.com > Server > Music > Albums in detail

Once you select the album you want to edit (inside your Server > Music > Albums) click on the lower right, on a PENCIL Icon

Changing the Album Cover

Artists may change the covers of their record, or something may have gone awry with your album upload, or you just want a different art to display on that particular album that you like, not a problem. This option will allow you to choose your Album Cover to one of your choosing.
Click on the Change Cover option in the center, right below the album cover

Button highlight to change your Album cover

Once you have clicked on the CHANGE COVER you will not notice that you have 3 options to you edit your album art cover

change cover window in detail
  • Search online by Title /Artist
    Allowing you to search the web via the information in Album Title and Album Artist
  • Search Online by Barcode
    CDs have a barcode with a number on them. Just insert it here and click search
  • Upload Cover
    Will open up a window to your computer so you can upload a photo from it, so if you have previously saved a great cover to replace the current one, just navigate through your folders and upload it.

Editing the Album Metadata Header

These options will allow you to edit your Album Title, Album Artist, the Year of the album, if it’s a Compilation album, and also to add TAGs to your Album
(changes will reflect on the tracks of the Album)

Album Title
Here you can change the album name, this is especially helpful if you are perhaps trying to amalgamate two albums into one or even if you are just trying to change some unwanted extra details from the album title such as all caps, etc

Album Artist
In the sample photos, you can see here that it is another language, you can now change to something else. Notice that when you start typing the name of the Artist, the InnuOS will give you some suggestions of what the artist is, in this case, I was searching for the band The Seatbelts

Self-explanatory; you can here put down the 4 digit year of your album, in case the imported metadata was wrong or missing

With the new innuOS 2.0 system and for locally stored Albums, you are able to compile multiple Albums into one single Album (that could have been split up into several during the import or ripping process). This is a case where the metadata, in the original file, such as having different Album Artists’ names, is translating into splitting that album into several separate albums. This can be easily remedied by utilizing the Compilation option, and note that in the Album Artist section you will reflect Various Artists (this too can be edited)

This is where you can add numerous Tags to your album to manage your library to your liking when classifying your music. For example, this album is a JAZZ album, but it is also the Movie Soundtrack to the show CowboyBebop, so I can add a second or third TAG reflecting this information. Think of TAGS as virtual storage bins, to keep similar items together. Oftentimes, owners use tags to keep albums genres, types, and even formats together

Editing Track Metadata

Once you select the album you want to change the Track information, just click on the PENCIL Icon

Here you will be able to edit individually your Disk and Track number, Title, Artist, and Composer.
(Note that here you also have the option to delete a single track with the Trash icon to the right)

notice in this sample image how I began to edit some of the options, such as the Artist and Composer

Deleting Entire Albums or Single Tracks

An entire album can easily be removed from your library
Once in the album you want to delete, click on the TRASH (Bin) Icon on the lower right side and confirm it

You can also delete selected tracks individually from the album
Once in the album, click on the PENCIL icon to the lower right and use the TRASH (Bin) icon to the right of the song

Editing your library: How to delete entire albums or single tracks video

For the options above, don’t forget to click on SAVE, in the upper right corner, to save your modifications.

If you have any questions please reach our Support team via our website or by using the InnuOS built-in contact form at the innuOS dashboard: > SERVER > SETTINGS > HELP > Contact Support with details of the issue, including what devices, system, software versions, and how your system is connected. Thank you.

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