Accessing the Shared Folders on the Innuos Server

You can access the stored music files on the Innuos Music Server using your computer as the Innuos server exposes these as Network Shared Folders, just like a regular NAS device. There are 3 Shared Folders created on the root of the server:

  1. Auto-Import – This shared folder is used as an area to copy files on your computer that you would like to Import into the Music Server;
  2. Music – This is where your music files are;
  3. Unsorted – This is a generic folder that can be used to place music to be organised or for non audio files. Music on this folder will still show on the Music Library.

Depending on the system your computer is using (Windows or MacOS), you may easily access these shared folders by using the following steps:

Windows: Accessing the Innuos server Shared Folders

Open File Explorer and enter the \\hostname address of your server on the location path. Valid hostnames are zenmini, zen, zenith or statement depending on your server model. Please notice the use of “\\” double backslash chars at the beginning. You may also replace the hostname by the server’s current IP address on the network. See example picture:

Windows File Explorer: access the Innuos server network shared folders
Please notice: Computer network shared folders are typically accessible under the Network > Computer section on File Explorer. By default Innuos Servers are configured with UPnP server integration enabled therefore they will show as Media Devices under the Network section and that entry will only offer you access to the UPnP server library and not to the network shared folders. To access the network shared folders please enter the hostname location path as detailed above.

MacOS: Accessing the Innuos server Shared Folders 

1. Using Finder on Mac OS X select the drop-down menu:  GO > select Network > select your Innuos server.

image of MacOS Finder may vary depending on MacOS version

2. If the system requests you to login, just login as guest. No user/password is required. You should then be able to see the 3 Shared Folders as described in the intro above.

The 3 Shared Folders on the Innuos Music Servers

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