“Undo Typing” message on 2.0

If you are using an Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPad , etc) you may come across the following pop-up message inside the new InnuOS Sense APP.

InnuOS Sense screen with the pop-up message

If by chance you do come across this randomly appearing message: “Undo type”, do not worry, it is not a bug, nor an error with your APP. It is the “Shake to Undo” feature in iOS.

This was probably the result of you moving your device a bit too abruptly, and you can cancel it, and no harm will come to your APP or your files.
Enjoy your music!

Useless shake to "Undo Typing" modal dialog box · Issue #842 ·  blinksh/blink · GitHub
Undo Typing message from Apple’s iOS
The way that “shake to undo” works is that if you make a mistake while doing something, you can shake your iPhone or iPad to have it undo your last action.

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