Troubleshooting: Sonos not able to find Innuos Server on Music Library

The current integration with Sonos is performed by automating the configuration of the Music Library on Sonos. This is done by automatically assigning the IP of your Innuos Server to the Music Library Setup on Sonos.

If you have changed your router or otherwise the IP number for your Innuos Server has changed, you will need to reconnect the server to Sonos. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the Sonos App, navigate to Settings > System > Music Library > Music Library Setup
  2. Delete the entry you have there which should have the format <ip>/Music (ex:
  3. Once that’s removed go to the Sense App
  4. Navigate to System > Settings > Sonos
  5. If the switch on top is on turn it off then turn it on again.

The system will now search for your Sonos system and if found, will add the new path to the Sonos Music Library. It will also automatically trigger a Music Library rescan on Sonos so it may take some time until all the library shows on the Sonos app.

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