Downloading the Innuos Sense App

The new Innuos Sense remote control app for Android or iOS/PadOS mobile devices

The Innuos Sense app is our own free and supported remote control/player app which was launched with the release of the innuOS 2 system and works with it. It is meant to be installed on your mobile devices (phones or tablets). It will allow you to easily find and reach your Innuos server/streamer/player innuOS dashboard from any mobile device connected on the same network as your Innuos unit.


Please bear in mind that older versions (than those listed below) of Android, iOS/iPadOS or Fire OS systems are not supported and in that case the app may not be available to install on those device’s official app stores. Other alternative app stores are also not supported. Requirements:

  • Innuos server/streamer/player with the innuOS 2.0.5 system (or later) – always best to update it to the latest innuOS 2 release;
  • Mobile device (phone or tablet) connected on the same local network as the Innuos unit;
  • Android 7 (or later), iPadOS/iOS 12 (or later), or, Fire OS 7 (or later);
  • (Optionally) Apple device with Apple M1 chip and the MacOS 11.0 (or later);
  • Internet access to the respective official app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore);

Download and install

Depending on your device’s system, open the respective app store and search for “Innuos Sense”. Install the Innuos Sense app. Or you may use the following links for the respective app stores:

Android (Google)Fire OS (Amazon)
iOS/iPadOS (Apple)Android APK
Download Android APK
Innuos Sense on App Stores
When installing and opening the Innuos Sense app please make sure you allow any required permissions to install and run the app on the device (such as network access), otherwise the app may fail to communicate properly on the network.

Alternative Web innuOS Dashboard

The exact same innuOS dashboard UI on the Innuos Sense app is also available on any modern web browser from any computer or device connected on the same local network as the Innuos unit. If for some reason the app fails to install or work properly on your mobile device, or, you would like to use a Windows, MacOS or Linux computer/device instead (such as laptop or desktop), then you may always access the web page service with the web browser. On any computer (desktop/laptop, regardless of its operating system) or any mobile device (regardless of the Android or iOS/iPadOS system versions). A recent and fully updated web browser is highly recommended. The following are some indicative minimum version requirements for the most well known web browsers but any other modern web browser should work fine as well.

  • Apple Safari 12 (or higher);
  • Google Chrome 88 (or higher);
  • Microsoft Edge 16 (or higher);
  • Mozilla Firefox 76 (or higher);
Innuos Sense app Deep Link: If you use the web service on a mobile device with the Innuos Sense app already installed and working then when opening the innuOS dashboard with the web browser it will “deep link” it, allowing you to open it with the Innuos Sense app instead (or the web browser if you so choose). This may also help to workaround any potential issues that the app may have on your device to find the server on your network environment. If the Innuos Sense app is not installed it will then always open it on the web browser.
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