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Since July 2021 we have launched and made publicly available our new innuOS Feedback Zone (click to open). The innuOS Feedback Zone is currently our main communication channel with our customers for any current innuOS system or the Innuos Sense app software feedback and checking its ongoing development.

Please bear in mind however that any other general Support request, technical issue or potential bug report should be reported via our Support email contact or the innuOS dashboard / Innuos Sense app internal contact form. If later confirmed as a Known Issue (bug) we will then add it to our innuOS Feedback Zone > Known Issues section.

There are three sections available on which you may participate or check:

On them you are able to, respectively:

  • Check any existing proposed Feature Requests;
  • Comment and provide your opinion on proposed Feature Requests;
  • Vote on proposed Feature Requests you’d like to have prioritised;
  • Propose your own Feature Requests (subject to review and approval);
  • Check what Features Requests are being worked on for next releases;
  • Check what Known Issues (bugs) are being worked on and their respective status;
  • Comment and provide your experience on any existing Known Issues (bugs);
  • Vote on existing Known Issues (bugs) you are having and you’d like to have prioritised;
  • See the innuOS system versions Changelogs;

In order to propose or vote on Feature Requests or Known Issues you will need to register your account profile on the platform. You can use any existing Twitter, Google or Facebook accounts or just use your email. You can create your own Display Name on the profile so that your real name is not published.

We hope this will be a useful tool to help our customers to be more informed about what the innuOS Development Team is currently working on as well as making it easier to provide feedback about the features you’d love to have. Thank you for your collaboration!

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