innuOS 1.4.6 – Released 02/12/2020

This release upgrades the base innuOS libraries in preparation for innuOS 2.0. It also upgrades the internal music library (LMS) and UPnP (AssetUPnP) to latest releases as well as bug fixes and general performance improvements. Please note this is a long update that can take up to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Please do not turn off your system until the update is complete.

New Features

  • Updated Logitech Media Server to version 8.0.1
  • Updated AssetUPNP to version 7.0


  • New TIDAL configuration procedure to adapt to changes on TIDAL integration
  • Fixes issues with Spotify not logging in
  • dCS Mosaic now lists albums sorted by track number and not alphabetically
  • Fixes Native DSD options – now all 3 modes (Transcode, DoP and Native) are explicit
  • Fixes issue on accessing network shares on latest Mac OS X or some Windows machines on a Domain
  • Fixes issue with errors connecting to NAS when the password contained “$” characters
  • Fixes some DNS issues on some network routers
  • Other small fixes and enhancements
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