Configuring Roon Experimental Mode (innuOS 1.x)

This article describes the steps necessary in order to perform the experimental integration of the internal innuOS music player to play music through Roon.

This is an experimental feature which may have occasional dropouts. It uses the Squeezebox integration within Roon which supports only audio up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD64. Quarantine and Import will be disabled as they require the internal LMS to be active and that would conflict with this feature on Roon.

To configure Experimental Mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to > Settings > Choose Server Integration
  2. Activate the Roon switch then select the option “Use Roon Core with Squeezelite Player (Experimental)”
  3. Click the Apply Changes button
  4. Launch the Roon App
  5. Go to Settings > Setup
  6. Activate the switch for “Enable Squeezebox Support”
  7. Go to Setting > Audio
  8. Disable any players shown under “Connected to Core”
  9. Enable the Squeezelite player under Squeezebox.
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