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innuOS Release Notes

Release 1.4.7

Released 27/01/2021

This release further upgrades the base innuOS libraries in preparation for innuOS 2.0. Additionally upgrades LMS to version 8.2 in order to resolve current TIDAL integration requirements.

Please note this is a long update that can take up to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Due to the upgrade of the network libraries, the system will change the IP address during the update which will cause the UI to lose connection and keep indefinitely in the “Updating” screen. To resolve, please go back to and navigate again to Settings > System Update. If the status is still updating then system is still running the update – allow 5 minutes and then repeat this procedure. If there is a window indicating system needs to reboot then the update is complete and please click the reboot option to reboot the system.

Please do not turn off your system until the update is complete.

  • Fixes TIDAL integration with innuOS
  • Updated Logitech Media Server to version 8.2

Release 1.4.6

Released 02/12/2020

This release upgrades the base innuOS libraries in preparation for innuOS 2.0. It also upgrades the internal music library (LMS) and UPnP (AssetUPnP) to latest releases as well as bug fixes and general performance improvements.

Please note this is a long update that can take up to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Please do not turn off your system until the update is complete.

New Features
  • Updated Logitech Media Server to version 8.0.1
  • Updated AssetUPNP to version 7.0
  • New TIDAL configuration procedure to adapt to changes on TIDAL integration
  • Fixes issues with Spotify not logging in
  • dCS Mosaic now lists albums sorted by track number and not alphabetically
  • Fixes Native DSD options – now all 3 modes (Transcode, DoP and Native) are explicit
  • Fixes issue on accessing network shares on latest Mac OS X or some Windows machines on a Domain
  • Fixes issue with errors connecting to NAS when the password contained “$” characters
  • Fixes some DNS issues on some network routers
  • Other small fixes and enhancements.

Release 1.4.5

Released 06/07/2020

This release provides support for Native DSD to more DACs – see list below. Some DACs may require a firmware update in order to provide support for Native DSD playback – please consult your DAC manufacturer for more details.

Also includes bug fixes and general performance improvements.

New Features
  • Now supports Native DSD playback on a larger number of compatible DACs, especially those with XMOS chips on their USB Interfaces.
  • Fixes issue where logs fill up rapidly when a DAC is turned off when the player is on.
  • Fixes issue with albums containing tracks with the “%” character were not editable.
  • Other small fixes and enhancements.


Current DACs supporting Native DSD

This list is not exhaustive as many DACs contain the same USB chip implementation so please do try with your DAC and if your DAC works with Native DSD and is not listed here, please email and we will add it to our list.


Aqua Formula xHD DAC
Audiolab M-DAC+
Bryston BDA3
Cyrus QXR
DACs based on Amanero – Combo384
Encore mDSD
Furutech ADL Stratos
Gustard DAC-X20U
HDTA Serenade DSD
Hegel HD12 DSD
iFi Audio micro/nano iDSD
LH Labs VI DAC Infinity
M2Tech Young MkIII
Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro
Matrix Audio X-Sabre
Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2
Mola-Mola DAC
MSB Technology
Mutec MC3+ USB
Mytek Brooklyn+
Nagra Tube DAC
NuPrime Audio DAC-9
NuPrime DAC-10
NuPrime IDA-16
NuPrime uDSD
OPPO Sonica
Playback Designs
Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital
PS Audio NuWave DAC
T+A MP1000E-V2.0
T+A MP2000R-V2.0
T+A MP2500R-V2.0,
T+A MP3100HV-V2.0
The Bit Opus #3
Topping DX7s
Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSD

Release 1.4.4

Released 19/05/2020

This release upgrades the innuOS kernel and core libraries, providing Native DSD support to compatible DACs. Experimental mode player integration has now been made further stable.

Note: Due to the size of the kernel and library updates, this update can take up from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to install depending on your Internet speed. Please be patient and do not turn off the unit until the update is complete.

New Features
  • Now supports Native DSD playback on a larger number of compatible DACs, especially those with XMOS chips on their USB Interfaces.
  • Improved stability of music player integration with Roon.
  • Upgraded player engine to have higher priority in OS processes, reducing latency.
  • Fixed issue with connecting to certain types of NAS for backup/import
  • Fixed issue with ability to move up/down the track when playing Tidal/Qobuz
  • Fixed issue with Spotify Connect skipping tracks
  • Fixed issue where only one instance of the UPnP server was possible on one network
  • Fixed issue with backup reporting the backup was not sucessful because of ignored files
  • Fixed issues with DNS resolution on some routers
  • Other small fixes and stability improvements

Release 1.4.3

Released 24/07/2019

This is essentially a bug fix release, fixing a number of issues with the previous release.

New Features
  • Improved internal player engine resulting in better sound quality
  • Added further support to FLAC and Apple Lossless files encoded with some specific encoders (ex: LAVF)
  • Added Radio Paradise in lossless FLAC streaming
  • Backup to USB now saves the backup in a separate folder, allowing to use the USB drive with other contents
  • Added support to NASes that do not support SMB v1 connections
  • Added advanced options to reset the internal music library database and UPnP Server
  • Added advanced option to reset the Roon Database
  • Added advanced option to download Roon logs
  • Added support for importing from USB drives formatted in exFAT format
  • Fixed Sonos integration using the new Sonos API
  • Fixed Spotify Connect skipping tracks on playback
  • Fixed issue with BBC iPlayer radio sounded at a decelerated rate
  • Fixed some issues when saving specific WAV files on album editing
  • Fixed issue when editing some albums and saving would split album into 2 albums on the music library
  • Fixed issue with track time incorrectly reported when playing back specific WAV files
  • Added ALT tag to Save button on Album Edit to better support screen readers like JAWS
  • Fixed issue where album year was not saved during album editing
  • Fixed issue where genres would not be updated if all genres were removed during album editing
  • Fixed issue where adding a comma to an artist would split into 2 different artists during editing
  • Fixed issue with Backup crashing on “Checking Backup Requirements”
  • Fixed issue with Backup reporting incorrectly that backup is larger than music library when backing up to NAS
  • Fixed issues when importing some files containing non utf-8 characters
  • Fixed issue with Quarantine crashing when obtaining metadata for some offline albums
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

Release 1.4.2

Released 29/04/2019

This is essentially a bug fix release, fixing a number of issues with the previous release.

New Features
  • Allow user to choose if the Album Artist will roll out automatically to all track Artist tags
  • Now automatically checks and fixes certain conditions where a backup could fail
  • Fixed issue where Factory Reset would not complete
  • Fixed issue with listing covers when editing an album
  • Fixed issue with some CDs ejecting when obtaining metadata
  • Fixed issue with upload album cover button not working
  • Fixed issue when backing up to USB drive and having multiple USB drives connected to the system
  • Fixed issue where DS_Store files created by OS X would prevent a backup
  • Fixed issue with choosing tracks on Assisted Mode when ripping a CD
  • Fixed issue where some DACs would not show on the DAC list due to illegal characters
  • Fixed issue with Sonos systems not being updated automatically when music is imported
  • Fixed issue where album was not editable is file extensions were in uppercase
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

Release 1.4.1

Released 06/12/2018

New Features
  • (Experimental) New option in Roon Settings to allow using our internal player with Roon, enabling RAM playback. Please see setup instructions below.
  • User now gets notified if he tries to restore a backup that has not finished successfully
  • NAS Backup Configuration now allows to browse through the NAS folders to choose a location
  • Restore backup now automatically rescans the Music Library after finishing
  • Now ignores importing any files starting with a . (hidden files)
  • Performance improvements in Quick Import
  • Fixed issue where the music library database would crash under and required manual recovery.
  • Fixed issue with importing compressed tar files from Qobuz
  • Fixed issue with uploading a local cover not working on PC/Mac
  • Update DNS priorities to resolve incompatibilities with some Apple routers
  • Fixed issue where the Chameleon LED option would not show for some MK3 servers
  • Fixed issue with the Backup UI not being properly updated and requiring a refresh
  • Fixed issue when ripping in Assisted Mode tracks were incorrectly being shown as FLAC instead of WAV
  • Fixed issue with WAV files not being written tags during the import process
  • Fixed issue with Quick Import crashing if there was insufficient storage on the server to perform the import
  • Fixed issue where some MP3 tracks would be classified as being CD quality
  • Fixed issue on the System area where the server would show online even though it could not get an Internet connection
  • Fixed issue with Unknowns and Duplicates not showing on Import History after moving to Music Library from a Quick Import
Instructions to use the Internal Player with Roon
  1. Disclaimer – this is an experimental feature which may have occasional dropouts. It uses the Squeezebox integration within Roon which supports only audio up to 24bit/192 and DSD64. Quarantine and Import will be disabled as they require the internal LMS to be active and that would conflict with this feature on Roon.
  2. Go to Settings > Choose Server Integration
  3. Activate the Roon switch then select the option “Use Roon Core with Squeezelite Player (Experimental)”
  4. Click the Apply Changes button
  5. Launch the Roon App
  6. Go to Settings > Setup
  7. Activate the switch for “Enable Squeezebox Support”
  8. Go to Setting > Audio
  9. Disable any players shown under “Connected to Core”
  10. Enable the Squeezelite player under Squeezebox.

Release 1.4.0

Released 11/10/2018

New Features
  • Updated Spotify to the new Spotty plugin supporting Spotify Connect.
  • Disc Copier now allows to exclude files from ripping when editing in Assisted Mode.
  • Quick Import option is now available, enabling to import music to a folder on the music library but without the server changing the original folder structure.
  • New Import History view.
  • Quick Imports can be deleted or organised into the Music Library from Import History.
  • Duplicate and Unknown albums during import can now be edited or deleted directly from Import History.
  • New Factory Reset option available on Settings > Advanced Settings.
  • New UI for editing albums.
  • New Change Cover feature allows to search for covers directly from the editing interface.
  • Can now delete individual tracks from an album when editing.
  • Can now check individual track information when editing.
  • Now automatically rescans music library when saving/deleting an album with much improved performance, independently of music library size.
  • New Auto-Organise option on Settings. Users can now choose if they want the server to auto-organise albums when editing. Default is on meaning albums will be allocated as per quality/artist/album folder structure. If off, server will save metadata only and not change the filenames and/or folder structure. This enables to maintain the music folder structure manually if desired.
  • Can now edit and organise albums stored in the Unsorted folder.
  • Duplicates now have include [Duplicate] in the album title for easy identification.
  • Fixed issue where removing all tags from an album would add a No Genre tag.
  • Fixed filenames when ripping CDs contained illegal characters on the CD metadata.
  • Server now detects duplicates more intelligently, checking for the individual files within an album.
  • Fixed issue where track composers were not being saved when ripping a CD.
  • Fixed issue where Import was not displaying a Storage full error when trying to import more music than the available storage.
  • Fixed issue with track titles coming as “None” when editing an Unknown Album.
  • Fixed issue with UTF-8 characters read from files that could cause import to crash.
  • Fixed issues with unzipping files that contained UTF-8 characters.
  • Fixed issue with Roon unable to delete files on a NAS.
  • Fixed issue with backslashes not being replaced when ripping a CD.

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